PAYLESS Rental Cars at Las Vegas Airport

PAYLESS Car Rental at Las Vegas Airport
PAYLESS Car Rental at Las Vegas Airport
Car Hire Companies at Las Vegas Airport

PAYLESS Car Rental Services at Las Vegas Airport

Las Vegas is globally considered to be one of the best tourist destinations. The place offers the best hotels and casinos around the world. The city has tagged itself as the Entertainment capital of the world. It is the 28th most populous city in the United States. Since tourism is its major attraction, Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos were among the top destinations of passengers who are arriving at McCarran International Airport.

Gambling in Las Vegas starts from its busiest airport which installed 1,300 slot machines within its terminals. This is also to provide entertainment to a huge volume of passengers who arrives and departs from the airport. More so, a number of restaurants and shops also serve airport passengers. Among the top services that the airport provides to its passengers is the ground transportation accommodation. Taxis and Limos are available in the airport that takes passengers into their destination immediately. Parking spaces are made available for different purposes especially for those hotels that provides pick up accommodation to their guests. A monorail service will be available soon for the airport passengers as the plan for expanding the Las Vegas Monorail towards the airport is already in motion.

The airport built the McCarran Rent a Car Center a few miles away from the airport. The building is an office to around eleven top car rental companies in the United States. An airport shuttle departs every five minutes to take passengers to the McCarran Rent a Center. Among the top rental companies in McCarran Rent a Car Center is the Payless Car Rental Las Vegas Airport. It serves rental services to customers who will be heading towards the top destinations in Las Vegas and even to off Vegas places.

Payless Car Rental Inc. is one of the car rental companies in Las Vegas with Headquarters at St. Petersburg, Florida. Basically, the company is a franchise system. However, it also operates a number of corporate locations. The company has sister companies named Payless Car Rental (to which Payless rent a car Las Vegas Airport belongs to), Payless Car Sales, REZlink International, and Payless Parking. All of these companies are under the umbrella of Avalon Global Group.

John Les Netterstron has opened the very first Payless Car Rental office in Spokane Washington in 1971. From the leadership of Netterstron, the company grows from a simple car rental company into a franchise system serving through an over 100 offices across the United States. In 1987, the company acquired the U.S. portion of the Canadian based Holiday Rent a Car, this lead to the creation of the company’s first automated central reservation system.

The very first Payless logo was created in 1989 and still is used up to the present with changes only. In 2002, the company opened the first two corporate stores, while four more had been opened between 2004 and 2006. Presently, the corporate locations of the company are located in Tampa, Denver, Ft. Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Orlando. In 2009, Payless car Rental has been added to the Expedia preferred vendors view. The company also offers prices to travels websites like Travelocity, Orbitz, and Priceline. To date, Payless is providing services to more than 80 locations within 20 countries and is offering some 10, 000 vehicles.

Among the United States Vehicle choices which is also offered in Payless car rental Las Vegas airport includes Economy with Toyota Yaris; Compact with Ford Fiesta; Intermediate with Nissan Sentra; Standard with Ford Fusion; Full Size with Hyundai Sonata; Premium with Hyundai Azera; Luxury with Chrysler 300; Van with Kia Sedona; Sport Utility with Ford Explorer; and Convertible with Chrysler 200.

One of the top services offered by Payless Las Vegas airport is the membership for the Perks Club. Members are able to enjoy savings on the company low rental rates, faster booking process based on the account information, and getting exclusive offers and promotions.

Also, Payless Las Vegas airport offers lowest rates and discounts that may be sent through email. Among the top promo’s is the $32.99 deals for mid-size cars, deals of the hour, Early bird savings that lets the customers save when the booking is made twenty one days ahead of the schedule, and Last minute deals that customers can take advantage to since the offer is usually limited and do not last long.

Meanwhile, Payless Las Vegas airport provides intensive assistance to its customers especially on concern about reservation details and processes which can be done online or at the rental counters, assistance while the vehicle is on rent especially road navigation to ensure the safety of its customers, and previous rental details that are kept in a system which helps in tracking down all previous rental information of the customer which helps fasten the rental process.

Payless car hire Las Vegas airport on its website stressed that the reason why customers should rent at Payless car rental in Las Vegas airport and its other locations is because of their commitment to offer the affordable prices and quality cars. When booking through the website, the company also offers additional discounts to the customers.

To be able to rent a car at Payless car hire Las Vegas airport, the customer needs to meet all the company’s requirement. These requirements includes minimum age for the driver, valid driver’s license, a clean driving record, and must be able to present a major credit card under her or his name at the time of the rental process.

International renters are also welcomed at Payless rent a car La Vegas Airport provided that the customer is able to present a valid driver’s license from the country of origin. A valid international driver’s license can also be presented by an international renter. For all renters, Payless in Las Vegas airport requires a liability insurance written proof from a third person that covers vehicles while on rent.

Payless rental car in Las Vegas can be found at 7135 Gilespie Street Las Vegas Nevada with contact number +1 (702) 736 6147.

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The PAYLESS Rental Desk at Las Vegas Airport is located at:

Payless Us Corporate

Tel: 702-531-1569

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