How to get to Las Vegas Airport by Taxi

Las Vegas Airport Taxis - Fares, Distances and Where to Find Them

Las Vegas Airport or the famous McCarran International Airport is located accessibly 8 km away from the city’s progressive business district. Las Vegas airport is as sleepless as its own city when it comes to airport arrivals and 24-hour operating facilities. Las Vegas airport can be reached in a 10-minute car drive or passengers and tourists can opt to hire Las Vegas taxis.

Las Vegas Airport taxis are one of the major modes of transportation in the area. Las Vegas taxis can be found outside exit doors 1-5 near the baggage claim premises and are always manned by airport personnel all gear up to assist newly-arrived passengers.

LAS airport taxis start ride from Tropicana Avenue going to Las Vegas Beltway until it heads north. These vehicles enter the airport vicinity through airport tunnels and a road known as McCarran Airport Connector.

Taxicabs from different companies render service to the airport for the convenience of passengers. Las Vegas airport taxis come from companies like:

  • Western Cab Company (+1 702 736-8000)
  • Checker/Star/Yellow (+1 702 873-2000)
  • Deluxe Taxicab Service (702 568-7700)
  • Desert Cab Company (+1 702 386-9102)
  • Whittlesea/Henderson (+1 702 384-6111)
  • Nellis Cab Company (+1 702 248-1111)
  • Union Cab Co (+1 702 736-8444)
  • Virgin Valley Cab Co (+1 702 737-1378)
  • A-Cab Co (+1 702 365-1900)
  • Ace Cab Co (+1 702 736-8383)
  • Lucky Cab Company (+1 702-477-7555)

These taxicab companies can be classified based on unique color coding and number specifications.

For ride which originates at McCarran International Airport, LAS Airport Taxis apply $1.80 airport surcharge rate to everyone with initial drop starting at $3.30 in addition to $2.60 per mile. Charges get accumulated based on the speed monitored by its taximeter and not all taxi firms honor credit card payments from passengers. A maximum of five passengers which includes infants and little ones can be loaded in any taxi.

The Las Vegas taxis are being recognized as the best taxis rendering clean, safe and above standard quality of driving services to all type of passengers and travelers. Las Vegas drivers are well known for their friendly behavior and impressive knowledge about the area making them marked as the one of the best cab drivers beating other cities in the country.

Hailing taxis are one of the best and useful ways to go around Vegas without too much of a hassle as these taxis can pick you up easily at designated drop off points and take you right exactly where you will be heading. There are other types of transportation which you can use on your grand vacation in the city like hiring limousines, taking buses or monorail transits yet taxi firms continue to make a booming business out of taxi rentals due to the benefit it provides travelers.

LAS Airport Taxis are beneficial and sometimes cost-saving depending on what road you will take to go to reach your destination as this might reduce or double the fare. The airport tunnel, for example, might reduce your travel time but it can double your taxi fare. It is always wise to let the driver know which road you want to take for your own convenience. Taxis are also a way to get rid of stressful tour as you can easily transfer from one hotel to another through the help of airport dispatchers who are all glad to get you taxis as part of their service.

Las Vegas is an organized city which can be reflected with the way transportation in the airport is being handled. Drivers are not allowed to just pick up passengers anywhere in the area as this might cause traffic congestion. To avoid this from happening, Las Vegas airport normally has taxi queues where you can immediately hire taxis.

For city as busy as Las Vegas, taxis are in fact the most popular way to hit every place from casino to hotels, to strip and just anywhere around Vegas. Often, in the absence of a queue, they flock in a taxi stand waiting for passengers. Sometimes, they just park outside your hotel entrance waiting for eager travelers of Vegas. Peak hours could be challenging at times as busy lines of passengers wait for cabs amidst congested flow of traffic but nonetheless, this is still the most convenient and fastest way to roam around sin city.

One good thing about Las Vegas Taxis is that they are being administered by a specific governing body called Las Vegas Taxicab Authority (+1 702 668-4001) which addresses all concerns relating to your ride. This agency guarantees that all taxi companies and drivers abide to the law without neglecting the rights of passengers and makes sure that everyone involved is protected.

As passenger traffic continue to grow, the demand to properly address transportation requirements of all travelers increased, therefore creating new targets and contributions to the steady growth of the city’s economy. It attracts tourists to come and revisit and it positively gains responses with number of flights being booked regardless of the weather, on peak or off peak, discounted tickets or not.

Las Vegas airport is a sight to behold hosting millions of arrivals from all parts of the world. Their various transportation options catered to passengers add up to their fully operational facilities make up a positive impression from everyone who visits the place. The airport can suddenly become the reflection of the city. The more functional and worry free it is, the more tourists to record.

The city does not only offer endless fun and enjoyment. It is brighter than its lights and harmonious than its noise. They are more than a romantic get away to spend romantic love and a true wealth for businesses. They are an inspiration for arts and music, a celebration of life. Las Vegas arrivals are better welcomed with a well-relaxed setting and a stress free stay. With everything that the city has to offer, the development of effectively managed public transportation such as LAS airport taxis is a great way to start it right.

Taxi fares to & from Las Vegas Airport (LAS)

Book Origin / Destination Duration (Mins) Distance Up to 3 passengers Up to 4 passengers Up to 7 passengers Up to 16 passengers
Book Paradise Nevada 20 7 KM
- -
Book Strip District Las Vegas 10 7 KM
- -
Book Las Vegas 20 25 KM
- -
Book Winchester Nevada 15 7 KM
- -
Book Downtown District Las Vegas 15 13 KM
- -
Book Los Angeles 250 430 KM
Taxi fares, distances and travel times to & from Las Vegas Airport (LAS)

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